Buy your ticket today for a smorgasbord of delicious foods, delightful company, and the opportunity to support BridgeBuilders' mission to bring faith, hope, and love to the poor in Dallas. 

April 17, 2018 - 6:30-9PM

Legacy Hall at Legacy West

7800 Windrose Ave in Plano, TX

What's This About?

Q: Who's this event for?
A: Anyone who wants to come eat great food and learn about what God is doing in South Dallas through the ministries of BridgeBuilders.

Q: What is this event about?
A: This is a fundraiser dinner. This year, instead of a large annual fundraising banquet, BridgeBuilders has decided to host multiple low-cost events so that we can include more people, honor our supporters' time, and put more of our donors' money to work in ministry instead of big events.

Q: What's Legacy Hall?
A: Legacy Hall is a food court without the mall. Experience 20+ food stalls with bascially any kind of food you can imagine inside a beautiful setting.

Q: What does my ticket include?
A: Each ticket includes valet at Legacy West and a $50 "Hall Pass" to be spent at your pleasure on food and beverage inside Legacy Hall.

Q: Isn't $50 a lot of money for food?
A: You can eat like a king or queen at most food stalls with $50. However, whatever you don't spend is yours to keep as a Hall Pass gift card. Come share a meal with us on April 17 and then bring a date back later!

Q: Will I be asked to consider donating to BridgeBuilders?
A: Yes! This is a fundraising dinner. Our hope is that you would prayerfully consider giving a gift that will leave a legacy of faith, hope, and love to the poor in Dallas.

Make a Donation to Make Poverty History

Our Spring Event has now come and gone, but you can still support making poverty history by giving a gift today!

Some of Our Favorite food Stalls at Legacy Hall

  • Knife Burger: second location of a Dallas' staple, Chef John Tesar makes a delightful burger. 
  • Monkey King Noodle Co.: Can't get enough of their ramen. If you slurp, you'll love these noodles. 
  • Whisk & Eggs: second location of a BridgeBuilders' favorite, Chef Julien makes some sweet and savory crepes to die for. Think brisket-filled crepes. Enough said. 
  • Enter the Bao: great steamed bun sandwiches & their K-Pop Brisket Fries are to die for! 
  • FAQ's: In the words of our fearless leader, Michael Craven, their flautas were "moo-ey exellente!" 

See all the food stalls at Legacy Hall here.