I Got Your Back

This past Saturday was I Got Your Back, our annual event providing much-needed school supplies both in Bonton. This event is impossible without the dozens of volunteers and friends like you providing the backpacks and supplies. On behalf of the 200 students and families who participate in BridgeBuilders Kids programming throughout the year...thank you!

Gisela's Story: How BridgeBuilders Helps People Succeed

Gisela Romero was referred to our employment training class (Nov-Dec 2017) through one of our community partners, Dr. Parker at Soul Church.  She had two friends from the church who had also graduated from our program, so she knew what to expect and was very “motivated” towards accomplishing her goal of culinary school.  But first, Gisela had broken areas of her life that she needed to work through…

The Cure for Poverty, Pt. 3

n our first two posts, we have examined the nature of God's creation and how rebellion against God – sin – has shattered and broken what God intended to be good and flourish. Flourishing is God's design for humanity. We are meant to thrive in our relationship with God, self, our community, and creation. Yet, through the sin of Adam and Eve, and our own personal sin, we have removed ourselves from flourishing and entered into a state of brokenness that none of us can escape on our own.

BridgeBuilders WORK Highlighted in Working Families Success Model Cohort

Our BridgeBuilders WORK team is participating in the first of a prestigious multi-year Working Families Success cohort with the Communities Foundation of Texas. BridgeBuilders, along with 8 other agencies from across North Texas, are working with the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Working Families Success model in order to bring integrated services more easily to families who are in critical need of support.

The Cure for Poverty, Part 2: The Problem

You might be asking yourself, “If this series is on a cure for poverty, then what is the cure?" If you are, don't worry, you are in good company. I can’t wait to get to the greatest news ever. However, like any disease, in order to cure it properly, we have to diagnose the problem accurately. That is why these first few entries are going to dance around the cure itself. I want to make sure that the root of the issue is clear before I explain how to tear it up. As the old maxim goes, “A problem well defined is half-solved.” So, let’s continue defining.