confronting spiritual and material realities in south dallas

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Before we ever serve someone, we must know them. Through BridgeBuilders’ Engage initiative, ministry associates and volunteers will create opportunities through our Adopt-A-Block, Hoop Church, and outreach programs to serve the community alongside our residents. Through serving with them and hearing their stories, BridgeBuilders will have the opportunity to plug residents into programming and share the Gospel of Christ with each person.


BridgeBuilders seeks to give each resident in Bonton the necessary tools in life to succeed. It starts at five years old when kids join our youth programming where they will have the opportunity to participate in after-school, summer and athletic programming that will help them develop physically, spiritually, emotionally, and academically. Once in middle and high school, the students will receive additional programming through our entrepreneurship program, Ascent, where they will learn the principles of business and start their own small business, as well as our adult-readiness program where they will receive aid and assistance in applying to college or a trade school.

For adults, offerings will expand to employment services. Through a holistic approach, BridgeBuilders seeks to impact all areas of a resident’s life through financial coaching, job placement, life skills training, job training, and GED classes. While many services are provided by BridgeBuilders in-house, we also greatly rely upon valuable partners such as CitySquare who provides job training and AnthemStrong Families who provides our life skills training.


We often say at BridgeBuilders, “programs don’t change people, people do.” With this in mind, we want to see individuals build one another up and encourage each other to be all that the Lord has purposed them to be. Through our ally program for adults, mentor program for our kids, our small group discipleship program, and church planting efforts, we believe we will see individuals transformed, which will then impact families in the neighborhood and the community as a whole.