Join us as we bring faith, hope and love to bonton in 2019!

Each year roughly a quarter of our annual budget is generously donated at year-end. Your gift before the end of 2018 empowers us to continue to serve our city in 2019. 

Reaching this goal puts us in strong financial standing entering 2019, allowing us to develop relationships, provide much-needed life skills and employment training, and serve the adults and children in the Bonton community. 

We believe in God’s provision, and we are asking you to join us in bringing Faith, Hope and Love to Bonton in 2019! 


It's simple to give securities and stocks to BridgeBuilders as a financial donation. Simply click the button below to download and complete the form and send it to your broker. Please notify us when you've ordered the transaction so we can communicate with our broker. Thank you for you donation! If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Operations, Delton de Armas at 469.621.5982 or by email.

*When you donate stock, you might be able to receive full fair market value for your tax receipts. That’s right — full fair market value. This is a big deal because regardless of how much you paid for the stock, the tax receipt is based on the worth of the stock as of the transaction date. This is especially important during bull markets like today. (Consult your tax advisor!)